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About Dependable Claims Specialists

We are a Leading Public Insurance Adjusting firm based in Texas and Florida. Our staff has been handling property and casualty claims since 2010. With over 12 years of experience in claims handling and 30 years of general contracting. We know what to expect and how to handle every aspect of your insurance claim. We pride ourselves in advocating against improper claims handling for the policyholder. Through our extensive knowledge and experience we have been able to achieve exceptional results for all of our clients. We work for the policyholder and are passionate about getting them the maximum settlement for their claim. We are licensed to serve homeowners and commercial property owners in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

We are here to relieve policyholders from the stressful task of handling their claims and to apply our expertise to every aspect with your insurance claim! We are your one-stop insurance claim solution!

Families and businesses that have used our services are able to get back the life and business faster.

We support you – not the insurance companies.

Insurance claims are very difficult to navigate. Due to the complexities of the claims handling process most home or property owners do not get the full benefits they are entitled to. Most policyholders that file a claim have never filed a claim before and do not understand the process, forms, and other  complexities about the process. With us at Dependable Claims Specialists, we make everything easier and simple to understand for our clients. We are here for you!

About our Motivation

At Dependable Claims Specialists, we have our sights set at all times on helping our clients recover and return to their normal lives with as little hassle and stress as possible. We strive to ensure every client is satisfied with our services in the hopes that if they or a friend experience another loss; they feel safe in turning to us for support.

Life happens to all of us and when it does Dependable Claims Specialist is here to relieve our clients from the headache and stress of filing and handling their claim.



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Years of Experience

About us

We do not just advise and estimate – we handle the entire claim for our clients including: filing, contact, documentation, negotiations, disputes, payments, and settlement.

How We Work

When your home sustains damage we will inspect your home and policy for free to help you to determine if you need to file a claim. If you need to file a claim with your insurance carrier to recover from your damages we will handle the entire process to ensure that you only have to pay your deductible. We have a firm trust and belief in our abilities to successfully negotiate your claim to ensure a full and fair settlement. We make our fee off of what we are able to recover for you. This incentivizes us to acquire the best settlement possible for you and ensures that;


We handle accidental damage claims including:

Hurricane and Storm Claims

Business Interruption Claims

Roof Leak Claims

Mold Claims

Dropped or Falling Object Claims

Sinkhole Claims

Vandalism Claims

Water Damage/Flood Claims

Fire and Smoke Claims

Denied Claims

Hail Damage Claims

Plumbing Leak Claims

About our Team of Experts

Our experience in the home and property space is over 30+ years, with most of our staff having experience in roofing, flooring, rebuilding, carpentry, and other aspects of home construction. In addition to our experience in the home and property space, we have first-hand knowledge of current and general insurance laws and policies. We have extensive knowledge and experience in interpreting policy language. Our experience and extensive knowledge of the industry gives us an advantage over newer public adjusters.

We do not just advise and estimate – we handle the entire claim for our clients including: filing, contact, documentation, negotiations, disputes, payments, and settlement.