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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know that homes in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana have a high chance of suffering property damage?

These coastal states have a long record of property damage which does not seem likely to wane in the coming years.

Despite the significant number of property damages recorded in these states, there is also a high number of denied and underpaid insurance claims in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana and the reasons behind the denial of most of these property damage claims are avoidable mistakes and unjustified reasoning.

Filing a claim on your own can be complicated, stressful, time-consuming and confusing. You need help to avoid the complicated documents and the potential pitfalls that can get your insurance claim denied.

In our experience at Dependable Claims Specialists, we know that many people do not realize the need for professional public adjusters when they want to file their insurance claim until their claims get denied.

Usually, the denial of their insurance claim comes with a great deal of stress, financial loss, worries, and wasted time, and all of these could have been avoided if they had allowed a public adjuster to handle their insurance claims.

Dealing with the insurance carrier directly for your insurance claim sets you at a considerable disadvantage, and there are higher chances that your request may even be rejected. Many of our clients regret wasting so much time, which affects their daily routine negatively before turning to us for help.

Many people think that hiring a public adjuster to handle their insurance claim will attract huge costs. This is not the case, our practice at Dependable Claims Specialists doesn’t cost you anything.

Our fee is a percentage of the amount we are able to recover for you. This means a couple of things to the benefit of the policyholder.

1. If the policyholder does not get paid; we do not get paid.
2. This also incentivizes us to maximize your recovery.

Leaving your property damage claims in our hands at Dependable Claims Specialists gives us the charge and ability to fight for your claims on your behalf, and to get you the best deal.

Public adjusters play an essential role in the recovery process. In the insurance world, policyholders are commonly novices who do not know the inner workings of the claim process with the exception of what they are told by their insurance carrier. When you do not have a proper understanding of how your insurance policy works, a small mistake may cause a significant disadvantage for you. This is the primary reason why you need to entrust your insurance policies to a public adjuster who can avoid those mistakes and can take on the burden of the process for you. At Dependable Claims Specialists, our clients appreciate our public insurance adjusting services because we handle the challenges on a claim by claim basis to better process and handle any unique situations or circumstances. From our experience in dealing with insurance carriers, we know this to be the best way to approach insurance carriers and their adjusters to get the best settlements for our clients. When clients approach us to help them with their insurance claims, we help them in many ways, including: 1. Notifying the insurance carrier immediately about the property damage and filing the claim. 2. Saving time. 3. Managing the complex insurance claim process. 4. Filing proper documentation in a clear and timely manner. 5. Studying the insurance policy to find advantages to back the clients claim. 6. Investigating and gathering evidence to support the clients claim to better ensure fair settlement. In several other ways, we defend your best interests against the insurance carrier’s benefit. With us in charge, you do not have to lose valuable and profitable time trying to settle your own insurance claims. Here at Dependable Claims Specialists our professional and expert public adjusting staff do things by the book, and we carry you along every step of the way, keeping you informed and prepared. You can trust that with Dependable Claims Specialists in charge of your property damage insurance claim you will be taken care of.
When our clients realize what we here at Dependable Claims Specialists can do, many are surprised to find that they had not been informed on how much a public adjuster can accomplish for them. Public adjusting is not a well know industry. However it is absolutely crucial in acquiring the most beneficial settlement for the policyholder. Here we will go over some of the numerous reasons a public adjuster should be involved in anyones insurance claim. It is a public adjusters job to fairly and accurately represent their clients claim to their carrier to ensure a fair settlement for their client. We asses damages and review the policy to apply necessary coverages to ensure to the best of our abilities that the damage to your home does not have a permant or long lasting affect on your personal life, and to get you back to your status quoe as quickly as possible. The claim process is a tedious and time consuming one. We at Dependable Claims Specialists, are experts in this process. We take the burden of numerous phone calls, emails, and negotiations off of the clients shoulders. This allows the client to focus on the things that are more important in their dailey lives without interuption. Along with the tedious claim process comes many nuances and intricicies the policyholder is not aware of. There are many documents and formalities that if not properly handled can cause larger problems for the policyholder and possibly for their settlement. The public adjusters at Dependable Claims Specialists are proffesionals who are trained to know and handle these formalities allowing us to expedite the process while keeping the client informed and their expectations realistic. Through proper representation and defense of your claim a public adjuster can help substantially increase your settlement. In Florida alone the average settlement is increased 740% when handled by a public adjuster. We here at Dependable Claims Specialists pride ourselves on effective and satisfactory service and our number one goal is ensuring you are happily taken care of with your settlement. We at Dependable Claims Specialists have unparalleled expertise in handling insurance claims, and we know just how to help people get back on their feet. We can be reached via call us at 1-833-4UR-LOSS (1-833-487-5677).
It is the insurance carriers promise to provide the means after a loss to return them to pre-loss conditions. They make this promise in exchange for monthly payments. The problem comes when like today the carrier must deal with hundreds of thousands of claims every day and even more when a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornadoe occur. They must sift through these claims as quickly as possible and do their best to treat each claim fairly while also dealing while large amounts of fraud in which they deal with a holder who is trying to receive compensation for damages under false pretenses. With such a large clientell and demand error is unavoidable. Though a carrier is not likely to intentionally hinder their client natural over sight or inexperienced adjusters can cause hold ups, and issues thus accidentally creating inconvenience for their clients. When these incidents occur it can take months and in some case years that involve arguing and litigation before these issues are resolved. The policy holder trusts their carrier to take care of them but that trust is damaged when these issues affect their settlement or when they feel that their carrier intentionally deceived them when in reality it could be as simple as an inexperienced adjuster under estimating the claim or the policy holder misunderstanding one of the numerous legal documents. Trusting your claim to a public adjuster to handle your claim is the safest way for the policyholder to avoid as many of these incidents and oversights as possible. Our public adjusters here at Dependable Claims Specialists are trained to handle any scenario or hiccup they may encounter and we understand that everyone in the process is human and therefore we must stay informed and up to date in order to correct oversights and mistakes as soon as they occur.
Insurance policies are contractual agreements designed to cushion against financial losses when accidents occur. Accidents happen to everybody, but the ability to properly recover depends on the policyholders policy and the way their claim is handled and adjusted. Accidents come with unexpected losses, and anyone with an insurance policy should be encouraged to file their claim as soon as possible when these losses occur so that the policyholder can put these accidents behind them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, insurance claims are frequently denied or settled at numbers that do not allow for full recovery. When insurance claims are denied, it inevitably places a more significant burden on the policyholder, and this can be tough and frustrating. The good news is; a denied insurance claim is not the end of the with help it is still possible to recover what the policyholder needs.
A denied insurance claim will aggravate an already bad situation for anybody. The difficultly the policy holder may face when filing their claim is frustrating enough but to have their efforts end in a denial, which is effectively a dead end, can be disheartening and extremely upsetting. Below are some of the most frequent reasons for denial: • Negligence – this is based on the argument that the policyholders lack of maintenance or attention directly led to the cause of loss the claim was filed under. • Incomplete paperwork – this denial is based on the argument of improper documentation or lack of necessary documents needed through the claim process • Deadlines – lack of returned documents or delayed responses can lead to a denial based on lack of response. • Unclear definition in policy terms, and many more – there are many other reasons for denial and theses change from one claim to the next. Often, when a claim denial happens, it is due to a minor error or oversight and these can be avoided with a public adjusters help. Luckily for the policy holder a denied insurance claim is never the end of the road.
The insurance business deals with many technicalities and complexities. An insurance policy may seem easy to understand and straight forward, but specific underlying terms could lead to the denial of your claim based on a technical definition or specific terminology. While the intention of these terms and definitions are meant to protect the carriers from fraudulent policyholders, they can also inadvertently cause the denial of a upstanding policyholders claim. When your insurance claim is denied, the right thing to do is to challenge the decision to refuse your insurance claim. To do this the policyholder requires skilled legal representation that can confidently take the policyholders case to litigation. A public adjusters involvement can help prevent your claim from reaching this point meaning that your total claim may take less time and in some cases this will allow for a more timely and beneficial settlement to the client. In the case that your claim might need to go to litigation, Dependable Claims Specialists is well prepared to help guide you. While we are not legally allowed to represent you in a courtroom we can explain to you what to expect as well as guide you to some reliable experts in the field. Once litigation becomes a clients best course of action they often worry about what kind of legal expenses they will need to pay and the good news the client never has to pay legal fees and that those fees are added on to the carriers expense when the claim is settled. Anyone who has had their insurance claims denied can work with us. You can call us at 1-833-4UR-LOSS (1-833-487-5677) to get started with our expert staff, or you can click on the link below to begin a free claims consultation with our public adjuster professionals.

As your public adjusting firm, we have extensive experience with managing the progression of your claim in the way that works for you. We understand how the carriers, expect the claim to be hand and the best courses to ensure we reach settlement with as few hang-ups as possible. We as your representation have several options we can pursue, listed below are some of the following. In order to avoid unnecessary litigation we: 1. We will maintain clear, concice and respectful communications with your carrier in order to ensure the best possible relations betweens all parties involved. 2. We will often request or encourage the carriers request for re-inspection. This will often allow for any disputes to be settled on site to avoid further disagreements and in some cases the need for stagnant negotiations. 3. We will often request appraisal. This will allow a third party from each side to take a fresh perspective on the claim and allow for smoother and sooner settlement. 4. We will always be honest and straight forward with our clients to ensure they are prepared for what the possible and probable avenue of approach will be with their claim so that if they must prepare for litigation they will be aware and ready ensuring that we do all that we can to reach settlement as soon as possible. Anyone who has had their insurance claims denied can work with us. You can call us at 1-833-4UR-LOSS (1-833-487-5677) to get started with our expert staff, or you can click on the link below to begin a free claims consultation with our public adjuster professionals.

– Call 911. This should be your number one priority and first course of action. Not only with this make your local law enforcement aware but a police report will also be required for your claim process. – Then, call us now at 1-833-4UR-LOSS (1-833-487-5677) Or CLICK HERE to get a free claim consultation now. – Until you are assured of your safety, it can be wise to find somewhere else to stay temporarily many policies provide a coverage for Alternative Living Expenses or ALE. It is important to make sure that your damages meet the requirements of a vandalism claim. Vandalism usually includes offenses such as; burglary, theft-larceny, indiscriminate destruction of things and other random acts of violence. Vandalism is commonly defined as an act of altering or damaging other people’s property, thereby diminishing the value it carries. We often see the results of vandalism in public places like bus stops, malls, parks, tunnels, and cemeteries. etc. Most vandalism comes in different forms, the common among which includes.  Defacing your property with artworks such as graffiti  Breaking the lights and windshields of your car  Destruction of lawns  Digging up a hole in your garden  Burning down part or all of your property  Indiscriminate Painting and marking of your property  Puncturing your tires and scratching vehicles  Throwing stones and other objects on your property  Breaking of your windows and your outdoor lights  Indiscriminate felling of your trees and cutting of bushes  Tampering with your plumbing systems If any of these or other damage was done to your property, intentionally then you have a valid claim for vandalism. Here is the next set of steps to take after calling 911. 1. Ensure you get a police report for this incident – This is a vital piece of evidence that plays a very important role when filing your claim. 2. Ensure that you get a record, to the best of your ability, of any property stolen or damaged, and an estimated value of these things. 3. Then you can tend to the needs of you and your loved ones. We know the stress that comes with these situations. We can do our part to help with some of it. Every year, vandalism costs the country and individuals millions of dollars. These damages also come with a lot of intangible costs that have to do with emotions surrounding the trauma. When it comes to filing your vandalism claim, you deserve the proper restitution and comfort. If you trust Dependable Claims Specialist we can do our part to get that from you. Call us right now at 1-833-4UR-LOSS (1-833-487-5677) or Click here, to begin with, a free claims consultation from us at Dependable Claims Specialists Public Adjusters for your vandalism damage and other damages.

Not unlike other damages, fire damages can be highly destructive. Unlike other damages fire can escalate extremely fast and do massive damage in a very short amount of time. These damages can stem from something as simple as a match stick or as undetectable as faulty wiring. If not stopped early, fire spreads rapidly in the property, and the damage increases exponentially. Very soon, it leaves the whole building aflame, and there is little that can be done to salvage the situation. When it gets to this level, your first priority is saftey. Get as far as possible from the site and then call 911 and alert the proper authorities. To help prevent fires it is important that you know where ot locate fire extinguishers, alarms, and any possible accelerants or flammable materials in the facility so that they maybe properly stored in case a fire does occur. One should also know the closest exit to them incase the fire is already out of hand. When it comes to indoor fire, the most common causes of fire include:  Burning candles  Cooking equipment  Faulty electrical wires  Water heaters  Leaking gas  Cigaret Among others… Natural disasters like hurricanes can also cause a fire in the home, it is a relatively rare occurrence, but it does happen. Unfortunately sometimes our safety is not in our control when these fires do occur we understand that your first thoughts will not be about insurance and that’s okay. When it is appropriate we reccomd that you call Dependable Claims Specialists so that we can file your claim and ensure your recovery with minimal additional stress to you. We understand that you have a great deal at this point to handle and we will make it a point to lift some part of that burden from you. Dialing our hotline is your first step toward getting the full recovery that you deserve. Call us now at 1-833-4UR-LOSS (1-833-487-5677) to get top professional advice on your damages, and claims.

When it comes to the causes of property damages caused by hurricanes sometimes you cannot prevent it. The best you can do is prepare for and mitigate the damage. After storm damage to your property, the first step to take is to call a professional public adjuster, to critically evaluate your damages and if necessary file your claim for you. Call us right now at 1-833-4UR-LOSS (1-833-487-5677) or Click here, to begin with, a free claims consultation from us at Dependable Claims Specialists Public Adjusters for your storm damage. Storms can cause different forms of damage to your home and properties; ranging from damaged roofs to damaged doors and windows leaks and cracks and sometimes they open paths for new damages to occur at a later date. Sometimes, it’s a serious combination of a storm with fire damages, which could be devastating. Almost every serious storm comes with roof damage which causes water damage to the interior of the home and sometimes pressure changes can cause structural damage as well as broken doors and windows.

Act quickly! The sooner the better in these situations. Understand that you are one of hundreds of thousands suffering through this event. It is best to get the ball rolling as soon as possible to prevent delays.

Hurricane deductables: Most policies require a higher deductable for hurricane related claims. Understand this deductable like all others is not paid out of pocket but rather deducted from the total value of your settlement.

Protect your insurance policy and other vital documents by keeping them in a safe place. Ensure you keep every vital document that would be to your claims in a safe place, because, without necessary documents, there is little any public adjuster company can do. One of the most common delays we as Public Adjusters run into is the lack of a physical policy or contact with the carrier or agent. This means we must first take sometimes months in a disaster to even file your claim.

In the meantime, here are a few dos and donts.  Never allow work done to your home by a company that is not licensed and bonded in your state. This includes handymen, out of state contractors, and roofers.  Never sign any deals with a remediation company that involve AOB without having a professional read them first.  Keep track of all receipts and expenses that are storm related so that you may be reimbursed later.

CLICK HERE NOW to get a free claim consultation now. Call us right now at 1-833-4UR-LOSS (1-833-487-5677) or Click here, to begin with, a free claims consultation from us at Dependable Claims Specialists Public Adjusters for your storm damage.