Storm/Hurricane Damage Claims
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Have you suffered storm or hurricane recently?

Hurricane/Storm Damage Claims
recent storm damage your home/business?
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While coastal states like Florida, Texas, and Louisiana are beautiful places to live, their weather and location also makes them highly susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes. These storms can be devastating bringing with them 200 mph winds, tornadoes, hail, and flooding.
Having dealt with hundreds of storm and hurricane claims, we here at Dependable Claims Specialists Public Adjusting understand that the effect of these natural disasters on people’s livelihood and their properties can be quite devastating. Damage to residential and commercial properties can vary from a leaky roofs, shattered windows, ruined flooring to total devastation of their homes or business.

At Dependable Claims Specialists Public Adjusters we are here to make the loss easier on you by relieving you from the stressful claims handling process and by getting you the best possible settlement so that you can return to your normal life faster.

I Have a Hurricane/Storm Damage Claims

What should I do immediately?
Dialing our hotline is your first step toward getting the maximum claim settlement that you deserve. Call us now on 1-833-4UR-LOSS (1-833-487-5677)

Here are some tips to avoid hang ups in the process:

• Have all of your insurance documents prepared and waiting including your policy and any communications from your insurance carrier.

• Document any and all damages immediately! A picture does speak a 1000 words when you are dealing with your insurance claim. Having proof of your damages when it comes time for the inspections can be the key to a fair settlement.

• Don’t be afraid to find alternative living conditions should the need arise. Loss of AC, no bathrooms, no where to sleep, or no where to prepare meals are all reasons you can use. Most policies provide Additional Living Expenses or ALE coverage so make sure to document and save receipts for all of your expenses that are outside the norm such as dry cleaning, pet boarding, hotels, eating out, supplies, gas, etc…

• Before the storm make sure to shutter windows and secure any openings in order to mitigate any damages that may occur.

• Before the storm take pictures to show the condition of your roof, yard, fence, home, interior, contents, etc… This may play a key role in proving you claimed damages.

Hurricane/Storm Damage Claims
Why a Public Adjuster?
We as public adjusters understand the differences between handling an average plumbing claim and handling a hurricane claim in a state of emergency. For example several things must be taken into account such as, claim volume, hurricane deductibles, scheduling difficulties and the necessary accuracy and expedient handling of an estimate.
A hurricane effects numerous people at once and this creates traffic jams in the system that must be dealt with that coupled with the actual hold ups a city will face such as blocked roads, dirty waters, and lack of supplies means that there will be a daunting amount of struggle and stress in the days that follow the storm. If we are representing you and your claim we will be well prepared to handle these things and streamline the claim process to the best of our abilities.
No Recovery! No Costs!
Our fees are 100% contingent on the money we are able to recover for you.
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