Roof Leakage Claims
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Do you know that roof leaks is one of the most frequent home damages suffered by homeowners?
Roof Leaks

What to do by roof leaks:

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Whether your roof be tile shingle or even metal, high winds or impacts can lift, break, and tear seals allowing water into your home. Resulting in stains drips and sometimes even collapsed ceilings. These roof leaks damages can be extensive and difficult to repair as well as costly.
The Difficulties of a Roof Claim

When it comes to roof claims there is little room for error. The damage must be properly assessed, estimated and dealt with. A shoddy repair or a patch job where a full roof was necessary can put you back in the same predicament in just a few months. It is imperative that the policyholder receives ample and fair compensation as justified by their policy, in order to ensure that the proper roofing contractors can manage the repairs and properly protect their roof.

We as public adjusters will properly represent all information on your home as well as our estimate of the damages and applicable coverages to your carrier and negotiate a fair settlement for you to return to pre loss conditions.

This requires accurate estimates mapping and organization of information. All things our public insurance adjuster are well trained for.

No Recovery! No Costs!
Our fees are 100% contingent on the money we are able to recover for you.
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