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hailstorm damage
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Hail can occur suddenly and without warning during nearly any range of weather events from a small up to a hurricane or tornado. The possible damages that can be caused by hail vary wildly and can occur to nearly any part of property.
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Hail can be responsible for obvious damage to your property including impact damage to the exterior paint, siding, roof, windows or doors, garage doors and so on. The list of damages resulting from hail can get long and, without a trained eye to know what you are looking for, can be overlooked.
Filing a claim for hail damage can be time consuming and overwhelming when you do not have the experience, do not fully understand your policy, know what damages to look for, or understand the process that a claim has to go through to reach a fair and full settlement. In most cases, the cost to repair hail damages is surprisingly higher and more intensive than homeowners or businessowners expect.

It is commonplace that insurance carriers write roof damage resulting from hail off as wear and tear or natural abrasions caused over a period of time. This is the case more often seen when involving tiled roofs. Dents and impacts are less obvious than they would be on metal and shingle roofs, roof tiles will not always crack or break and often will remain in place.

While the tile could remain mostly intact to the untrained eye, a tile can also be worn, weakened, chipped or scared by hail and can result in its seal becoming broken allowing rain to enter; damage the ceilings and interior of the property. Not only can hail affect your roof but windows and glass can be broken allowing the damage to reach the interior of your property.

An example of harder to identify and commonly overlooked damage to windows is when the seals of the window has been compromised due to the impact of hail.

When a window has a compromised seal, it can be near impossible to identify without using proper test and overlooked by the insurance carrier if not brought to their attention.

Additionally, depending on the percentage of the windows that are affected and the type of windows installed in the property, code enforcement can turn what seemed like a simple and affordable repair into a much larger and expensive repair for the policyholder.

Especially if they are not properly compensated in the settlement of their claim. This example is only one of many other damages that can be caused by hail that can be a costly oversight to a policyholder.

Most policyholders do not know the state statues and local building codes that may apply to their loss or what to do when roof tiles, bricks, or other building materials are discontinued and cannot be matched and how these items can result in a surprisingly higher repair cost to the property owner. Properly identifying and documenting hail specific damages can be difficult and tedious and without proper training, near impossible.

In most cases where a policyholder is not represented damages are overlooked because a policyholder does not know what to look for, the extent of coverage that their insurance policy affords, understand limits or how deductibles apply, what forms to fill out and when those forms are to be submitted, what signing a form can mean to the outcome of their claim, when specific items are relevant or irrelevant, and the complexities of handling a claim. This causes undue stress in an already stressful time and when handled improperly can be very costly to the policyholder.

hailstorm damage

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