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Here’s what you need to do right now:
Smoke and fire damage accidents often come with losses that can be devastating. Of course we all take preventative measures to avoid these accidents but when the do occur we here at Dependable Claims Specialists Public Adjusters are here to make it easy on you.
Of course, your first response to fire and fire damage should be to call 911, once you have done that and ensured the safety of your family your next step should be to contact us for professional representation and advice to help relieve some amount of stress through the situation.

10 things you need to do after a fire

What should I do immediately?

Following a fire at your property, taking appropriate actions is crucial to ensure safety, secure your property, and effectively navigate the insurance claims process. Here are ten important steps, including how Dependable Claims Specialists can assist you:

1. Ensure Safety First: Immediately evacuate and do not return until fire officials have declared it safe, being wary of structural and electrical hazards.

2. Contact Emergency Services: Have the fire department confirm that the fire is fully extinguished and the area is safe to re-enter.

3. Engage Dependable Claims Specialists Public Insurance Adjusters: Consider hiring Dependable Claims Specialists to manage your insurance claim. Our experienced public adjusters ensure your claim is properly evaluated and you receive a fair settlement. Additionally, we alleviate the stress associated with navigating the claims process by offering expert guidance on the remaining steps necessary to secure your rightful compensation.

4. Notify Your Insurance Company: Quickly inform your insurance provider about the incident to start the claims process. Dependable Claims Specialists can assist in effectively communicating your situation and avoiding any involuntary pitfalls in your communications with your insurance carrier. 

5. Document the Damage: Safely take detailed photos and videos of all damage once you are allowed back on the property. Make sure to include your personal property. We can help ensure that your documentation is thorough and will support your claim.

6. Secure the Property: Protect the property from further damage by covering broken windows and damaged roofs. Our team can guide you in taking the right measures to secure your property adequately.

7. Keep ALL Receipts: Save all receipts related to repairs, temporary accommodations, and other fire-related expenses, as these may be reimbursed by your insurance. We can help you organize and present these expenses effectively.

8. Limit Movement of Property: Avoid moving undamaged items unnecessarily and do not dispose of any damaged items until they have been documented and reviewed by an adjuster. We can provide guidance on how to handle your property post-fire to ensure your claim is not jeopardized.

9. Review Your Insurance Policy: Understand what your policy covers, including property damage, personal belongings, and additional living expenses. Our team can help you interpret your coverage to maximize your claim benefits.

10. Find Alternate Living Arrangements: After a fire, it may not be safe or feasible to stay in your home. It’s important to find temporary housing to ensure the safety and comfort of your family during the recovery process. Dependable Claims Specialists can assist in documenting the necessity for alternate living arrangements and negotiating with your insurance provider to cover these costs under your policy. We provide guidance on how to secure suitable accommodations quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your living expenses are tracked and reimbursed according to your insurance coverage.

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