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Mold Damage Claims
What to do after mold damage:
We can help you get you back in order and with a settlement that works for you after mold damage.
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Unlike other damages, Mold is usually a secondary damage meaning that it is caused by another cause of loss most commonly water related.
The issue is that most policies contain a coverage that allow for a maximum amount that is a fraction of your full coverage. Often this leads to fights of coverage to ensure the policyholder is properly compensated. We here at Dependable Claims Specialists are experts at laying out your damage and policy language to ensure that the appropriate damages are addressed and the claim is filed properly so that they carrier knows the true cause of loss and the policyholder cannot be forced under a smaller coverage resulting in an inappropriate settlement.

Mold grows quickly in Florida, as the humid climate aids its growth. Mold damage must be dealt with quickly, carefully, and appropriately to prevent illness to the residents, damage spread in the home and to prevent the mold from returning. It cannot be ignored, or poorly handled.

Mold damage claims are very tricky to negotiate, and they are one of the most denied claims by Insurance companies.

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